Month: March 2014

Predicted Bay of Bengal Cyclone

Analysis of 10/18/15 12:00 UT Window

10/18/15 was identified as a possible window for a major cyclone in the Bay of Bengal because the Solar System Barycenter (SSBC) on the above date is in opposition or at 90 degrees to previous instants when a Category 5 cyclone was present in the Bay of Bengal in 2013 and 1999. So using the location of the SSBC as the primary criteria, we examine the SSBC data from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for the date when the SSBC will be at ~191 degree (90 degrees to the SSBC at the SSBC in October 2013 and ~180 degrees to the SSBC in October 1999. 10/18/15 was identified as date meeting that criteria.

Calculating the longitudes of the moon, sun and line of nodes for 10/18/15 at 12:00UT resulted in the above Cosmic Footprint Chart. The Sun is near conjunction with the SSBC, the moon is conjunct with the center of the galaxy and orthogonal to the line of Nodes, the line of Nodes is orthogonal to the center of the galaxy. And very importantly, similar to the 2013 and 1999 cyclone events, the moon is in conjunction with La Grangian L4 point of the La Grangian field between the Earth and the Sun. The axis from the center of the Earth to L4 is also orthogonal to line of Nodes.

Cyclone Window based on Cosmic Footprint

Cyclone Window based on Cosmic Footprint

20151018 1200UT Global Iasoberg Pattern and  Possible Track of Cyclone Bay of Bengal

20151018 1200UT Possible Cyclone Bay of Bengal Cosmic Footprint and Calculator